Hello 🙂 I have been meaning to create my blog for some time now. However, a move across the United States, moving into our home, a new baby, planning a wedding and now another kiddo on the way kinda put things on the back burner for a little bit. I couldn’t help it though, I would continually think of new things I would want to talk about or simply share about my life experiences. So, I took the plunge and here we are with Failed Southern Belle.

Why Failed Southern Belle you might ask? Well to better understand this blog it would help to know what a Southern Belle actually is, or at least the characteristics of one. There are many ways to define a southern belle, here are the 4 major areas of what I would consider a southern belle to exude.

The original definition of a “Southern Belle” was a daughter of a white wealthy Southern plantation owner. The ‘true’ Southern Belle by definition has ceased to exist. Below are examples of todays present Southern Belle.

  1. Appearance – You will always find a southern belle to be well cared especially in their maintenance of hair. This includes both wanted and unwanted hair, and for the wanted, bigger is normally always better. Their hair is curled and or styled at all times. You will never see a southern bell leaving the house disheveled with a messy bun on their head. Stylish clothing and for the most part conservative. They always leave the house with their “Face On”, meaning their makeup is always worn in public. To make sure you aren’t seen as “Tacky” you are never to chew gum or smoke in public!
  2. Vocabulary and Speech – A true southern belle will have a slight southern accent or drawl. Their vocabulary and grammar are superb and very refined. You will always hear them start or end a statement with a “sir” and “ma’am”. This is not just reserved for the elderly crowd either this is for everyone they speak to. Their terms of endearment are used so sweetly such as “darling” and “sugar” you can almost taste the Tupelo Honey coming from their lips.
  3. Social Engagements – Their attention to detail to throw quite the event of the year or fabulous gathering is a must have in their repertoire. They know how to take control and demand respect but they are very light with their words, sweet with their actions and all without being a bull in a china shop when out for an evening with friends or significant other.
  4. Bonafide Cook and Baker – A true southern belle knows her way around the kitchen. You will never find an inedible pastry at her table and dinner is finger licking good.

Overall southern belles are seen as charming, extremely polite and in a mysterious way somewhat helpless. If they are upset you will never see it in public as everything personal is to be discussed in the privacy of their home.

So what does all of this mean for Failed Southern Belle? Throw all of the stuff above out the window. We are going to be real and raw. We are going to talk about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. We will more than likely  at some point leave the house with a messy bun on our head, and some form of either baby throw up or the mornings breakfast that jr. decided he wanted to throw on mommy because he thought it would be funny. We may or may not have mascara on, and we may have forgotten to put deodorant on.

Needless to say, we are going to talk about anything and everything because I am tired of saying or hearing “Why don’t people tell you about this before hand?”. Some topics may be so embarrassing you will blush reading about it. Good, then we are being raw and real.

There will be health, family, sex (thats right), shopping, beauty, recommendations, tips, my favorite the “Vent All” section, but mostly – all of the above.  So sit back and enjoy! Join in and share with your friends and family. Want to know what is next on the list? Check out the right side bar of the blog, there will be an upcoming topics section. By all means, please send in topics you would like to have written about and I will do my best to write a post about it. Not all requests will be taken, but I will try my best to write about as many as possible.

3 Comments on “Welcome to Failed Southern Belle

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere girl! You will find the blogging community super supportive! I already love where you are going with this blog! It’s going to do really well! Born in Georgia here, and literally autocorrect just told me I spelled Georgia wrong, (E before O except after C?) so southern failing accomplished! lol



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